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Art Work by TAS Gibson

Career History

Tas Gibson was born in England and moved with his parents to Tanzania & Kenya. In his teens he left Kenya to study Industrial Design at the West Sussex Art College in the U.K. Although he completed the course at the college, upon leaving he turned his attention back to his first love the depiction of the African wildlife that had so, influenced him in his early childhood.

In 1977 he wrote his first book "Moshi the Jackal" published by Rex Collings, which was praised in the TLS (Times Literary supplement) for his exquisite drawings and the unique way he wrote about the life of the jackals in the wild. Currently he is working on two more books one titled "Tales from the Wilderness" and the second called "Ingenya".

"Tales from the Wilderness" is the first in a series of three books which sets out to depict the lives of three animals as seen through their eyes, and at the same time an old man of the plains and a young boy are following each of the animals adventures. Each chapter represents part of the life of the animal and is concluded with the old man telling an African legend about the animal to the young boy.
Though a work of fiction, Tas has tried to include the life cycle of each animal based on the knowledge of his time spent in Africa backed up with the latest scientific information as known today. The book is unique showing through pictures and words the interdependence of each species in their struggle for the survival on the African plains.

"Ingenya" is a fantasy story by which Tas is able to show his capabilities with pencil and paintbrush in depicting the human form. This book is a labour of love as he is formulating the book in a similar format as was once produced by the monks of old, with illuminations and old script writing.

During the 1970s & 1980s Tas Gibson concentrated on his artistic career and had many successful exhibitions in the U.K. and in Sweden, Switzerland and France. His works have sold worldwide and are held in many private collections. He has had three works exhibited in the Royal Academy in London and has been commissioned to complete many book designs including a dust jacket for the famous book "Watership Down" written by Richard Adams. Further to jacket designs he was asked by singer song writer Kate Bush to design the logo of her Lionheart album tour.

Besides his artistic career Tas Gibson has worked in the Petro-Chemical and the Gases industries, which involved extensive travel through Europe USA, Middle East and Mexico.
Currently, he has retired from these industries and has settled in a remote part of Scotland to return to his first love the painting wildlife.